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Family-Owned. Family-Led.

Investments Focused on Cultivating Industrial Innovation Ecosystems

Our industrial investments are managed through Noël Group, a privately-held industrial management company located in Zebulon, North Carolina. Noël Group’s mission is to invest in, lead, and strategically manage manufacturing companies that participate in the transformation of engineered synthetic materials. Noël Group’s portfolio companies serve a wide array of markets ranging from wine closures to construction.

As our industrial activities have scaled, so have their needs for facilities that can accommodate their growth. We believe that long-term physical assets, where practical, should not be kept on operating entity balance sheets. As a result, we have built a real estate portfolio substantial enough to merit its own focus. Initially a side effect of industrial strength, today real estate has become one of Noël Ventures’ strategic pillars.

Acorn Innovestments, our fund management company, puts Noël Ventures’ industrial network and expertise in manufacturing and materials to work. We nurture and grow new companies with materials-based innovations that are solving current and future environmental problems.  In addition to financial resources, we provide strategic guidance by enabling our established industrial entities to mentor our startup innovestments.



Noël Ventures is a family-owned and family-led investment company that focuses on cultivating industrial innovation ecosystems with passionate, prudent, and purposeful people.

Industrial companies have been the core of our business, creating the foundation for growth in other areas. Today, Noël Ventures manages industrial, real estate, and innovation-focused investments.


Our family and our business activities are united by our shared values: personal drive, business acumen, extensive experience, rewarding and motivating work environments, entrepreneurial spirit, financial interest, innovation focus, transparency, and feedback.

To ensure continued deep engagement, our family members work together with portfolio company leaders driving our business’ success. We value a strong connection with associates and deep relationships with our partners.

Our vision is to grow and always make beneficial differences in the relationships we have, the businesses we are involved in, the investments we make, and the communities to which we belong.

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